Hi! My name is Allen, an amateur photographer from Bellevue, Washington, and this is my portfolio website.
Photography became a lifelong hobby from the moment my grandpa gave me his Pentax ME Super film SLR when I was in high school. I remember taking it with me on vacation, working the mechanical levers, setting the shutter and aperture, depressing the shutter button, everything was manual and wonderfully mechanical. I remember the anticipation of dropping off the film at Costco and returning in a week's time to pick it up, ripping into the sticky sealed envelope to finally get a glimpse of the mostly not that great pictures inside.
Since then I've transitioned to various point and shoots, a film Canon Rebel SLR. I entered the digital age with a Canon PowerShot A80, upgraded to a Canon 40D, finally ending on my current camera, a Canon 70D.
I've built a small collection of lenses, and tried out a variety of photography techniques, including: Long exposure, time-lapse, Flash photography, street photography, motion shots via car mounts, and some studio photography in my make shift home studio.
I post process primarily with Lightroom, but I'm no slouch with Photoshop.
Thanks for taking the time to browse my site!
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